Newly Finished Hand Piecing

I cut this out yesterday and sewed it by hand today. Another one for the red sampler quilt I am doing with old blocks I have recently taken out of storage and completed.

If anyone is interested in sewing this block by hand or machine, I found that the pattern and templates from this site went together beautifully for a 12-inch Nosegay or Bride’s Bouquet quilt block as it is sometimes called.


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2 Responses to Newly Finished Hand Piecing

  1. rosewillow says:

    Oh, I love this block! It is so sweet!

  2. JJ ColourArt says:

    I’ve seen this block done in very contemporary fabrics too like plaids and batiks. It’s a dream to sew, even by hand and went together quickly.

    I see you are a member of Stashbusters–seems like a good idea. I am trying not to buy any new fabric and use up my stash as well.

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