Forging On With the Rumi Tarot Necklace

I picked this design from my Islamic Designs in Color clip art book about two or three weeks ago, but then got a bit overwhelmed at the thought of translating it into beadwork. To get this actual detail I would have to use size 15 seed beads which is not an option as I don’t have any and can’t see to work with them in any case. My tiny size 11 Miyuki beads are pretty small, so they should fill in nicely where needed. Some of the detail will be superseded by cabochons, so this is going to be a creation that evolves as I work. That’s the best kind!


I’ve isolated, cut and pasted, and rotated bits in Photoshop to fill out the top of this and I’ve now got a useable pattern to transfer to the stiff felt I use for bead embroidery. I’ve dyed my felt a dark green, so I don’t get white spaces showing through the embroidery. Today I’m transferring the pattern to the felt and then gluing cabochons down, and then I’m away on the magic carpet ride with Rumi and inspiration from the Rumi Tarot.


So gorgeous!!!



I have loved Islamic patterns and calligraphy for many years, and I am so pleased to be working with this illustration which was taken from decorative painting on Bukhara architecture. Before Bukhara became Islamic, there were Zoroastrians, Christians and Buddhists living there, so the architecture is a mixture. The old Sassanian Empire is one I came across when doing several card draws with The Book of Silk on my Photon Stimulus blog; Bukhara is on the Silk Road. Genghis Khan nearly destroyed it, and it used to be part of Russia (it is in Uzbekistan), but after the 1917 revolution it declared its independence and then got swallowed up into the Soviet Republic. It has been around for over two and a half centuries and is rich in architecture and history, making it a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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