Fab-O New Book (But Not Ulysses)

Am I ever going to finish Ulysses? The Universe coughs and says “Try and be diligent Judith, try and focus.” Focus, what’s that? Hey the James Joyce Jumping Jack took a trip down to Toronto, what more could you ask for?

I have had to put Joycey on the back burner yet again to read two inter-library loans I received.

As well as the Man Ray biography, I got this fantastic book on inter-library loan which I mention on my Books I Am Reading page, but it’s so good I wanted to put a larger notice here.

I was browsing for information on Lee Miller (a Man Ray friend and lover) and came across this book: The Lives of the Muses : Nine Women and the Artists They Inspired by Francine Prose. Could you have a better name as an author?

Very interesting people and some I hadn’t heard about. I found it fascinating to learn about Samuel Johnson and his muse Hester Thrale; Alice Liddell I knew about from a biography I read of Lewis Carroll but interesting to see another biographer look at her.

That’s as far as I have made it but it’s a page-turner so I expect to finish this quickly.


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