The Flowering of Many Things

For a few brief weeks earlier this year I had an account at a place for books and discussion. One of the people there recommended a book on the Middle Ages to me so I bought a used book of it: The Flowering of the Middle Ages, edited by Joan Evans.


I had a look at it and read a bit of the section on pilgrimages and the Crusades, but was busy reading Ulysses at the time and then got really sick so it sat on the spinnet desk in my bedroom and looked at poetry books for a bit. It seemed to be favouring Plutarch’s poetry, although I caught it flipping through De Rerum Natura one evening in the dark.

Upon receiving the new Rumi Tarot I hauled out The Nigel Jackson Tarot and since it deals with the Middle Ages and Pythagoras and Gnosticism and such things, I am pairing it with The Flowering of the Middle Ages in card draws. I call these Random Passages as I pick the passages randomly and pair them with a random card just to see what comes up.

I’ve only done two so far but they were quite interesting. I learned about armillary spheres, Nicole Oresme, Pythagorean music tunings, irrational exponents, Cictercian abbeys, monks, monasteries, dragons, illuminated manuscripts, monads, and Trappist monks and cheese.

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