Today is Not the Day to Make Things

Last night I glued four of the facsimile antique Japanese postcards from a postcard book into two book covers. My idea was to put some loose paper in there and make a sketchbook.

Today when the glue was dry I punched holes in them for binding, and decided I’d finish the holes off with eyelets. It looked messy but I persevered and punched some holes in loose Rives BFK paper that I had precut to 4 x 6 inches about three years ago for a project that never came together.

I didn’t have metal loops so I trimmed some larger split rings to make them into plain jump rings. They were only 12 mm and too small and I ripped one of the covers. Oh boy, the trials of prototypes. I could only fit eight pages of Rives BFK in there and it seemed pretty useless with only that amount. I tried making my own jump rings, which worked much better, but I only have 18 gauge wire and this would need something heavier. At some point I might tie this with thread and try to redeem it, but as of now it was a total waste of time and money.

It seemed like a good idea, but now I’ve apparently wasted 4 beautiful postcards. It is not a day to make things, as I’m completely frazzled now, so I might try printing the titles in for Tower cards that I pasted on the endpapers of my Towers Art Journal with the gold gel pen I bought yesterday. Oh great, when I bought my art paper, the clerk forgot to put the gel pen in the bag.

Grrrr. I am in such a snit.


Update: Aha! One thing I have learned to do with art projects is to set them aside for a time instead of destroying them when I’m in a snit. I have since trimmed these up to get rid of the damaged spots and I’ll use them for a Coptic stitch booklet with proper folded signatures. I want a decent paper to use for sketching so I’m still thinking about what to use.


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