The Tyldwick Tarot or Every Deck Needs a Friend

I have put in my name for a pre-order of the Tyldwick Tarot. It appealed to me because I love wall niches, architecture, furniture design, decorative objects, and old houses, but I also thought it would make a great story deck and pal for my Antique Engravings Playing Cards.

The artist is Neil Lovell and he is hopefully publishing these himself. He says he needs a minimum pre-order of 600 decks before he can do a print run of 2000. I wish him luck in getting that many pre-orders as it’s unusual for self-published decks to sell that well.

There’s always a first time for someone with vision to break the mold. Help him out by scooting over to pre-order this unusual and refreshing deck. If this deck ever hits a press it will be very interesting to work with. I soooo like it when people do different things for card decks.

He’s got a puppet theatre on The Magician card. Pamela Colman Smith used to do paper figures for theatres, much like this. Come on, didn’t we all watch the movie Being John Malcovich? Wouldn’t you like a puppet theatre in a tarot deck?

Sure you would.

Look at this, don’t they go well together?


I just realized why I like this deck so much. It reminds me of two excellent books published by the Victoria and Albert Museum that I have in my collection at home. There are actually three books in the series but I haven’t been able to find the last one as it’s out of print now. The Georgian one in particular reminds me of some of the furniture and architectural elements in the Tyldwick deck.


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