Lenormand Deck and New Playing Cards

I have been designing my own Lenormand deck for the past two weeks. I am using public domain vector clip art from various disks I have here. Several of them are composites or ones that I painted or applied gradients to in an effort to make them more natural. Tons of layers in some of these and a few of them were tweaked in Adobe Illustrator first before exporting into Photoshop.

I like decks with borders so I put a lovely border on it and filled it with a gradient to give it some zip. The nice thing about creating a deck for yourself is that you don’t have to worry about other people’s taste, and you can create as you wish.

Here is a sample of four cards:


I finished designing them and then spent many hours tweaking the scale and colour here and there. I am doing them in Photoshop and printing them from there on premium matte photo paper, but I was a bit disappointed in the print quality because of a generic ink cartridge I am using, so I’ve halted until I can get hold of a better ink cartridge.

Today was rainy and cold and my husband had to go to work early so I was feeling a bit aimless and browsing online for some playing card decks. I have wanted the Bicycle Ghost Deck for some time but I couldn’t find it anywhere with decent shipping costs, so I ended up buying another odd deck called the Dead Hand Chaos Poker Deck. I like the border they’ve used on the pips. The face cards are a bit gruesome but fun at the same time, and I am keen to start using these for daily draws once they arrive in the mail.


I found some interesting free paper printables that looked like they might go with this deck. I was thinking I could do up a small diorama to use as a background when I draw these on my daily card blog. The one with the hearse looked like it might be suitable.

So I am generally messing around with paper and cards this week. I’ve been trying out a few different things on my card blog, and I have a fuller explanation of the Lenormand deck I am designing there. Put the term “Lenormand” in the Search box and they will come up.

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2 Comments on “Lenormand Deck and New Playing Cards”

  1. Greetings:
    Very nice deck you have created. I had the same problem with the ink cartridge and not only that my printer had a tough time feeding the card stock.

    • JJ ColourArt Says:

      Thanks, I love illustrations and these just suit me although I have several other nice Lenormands.

      These days I tend to prefer Lo Scarabeo decks because their roster of illustrations create such unusual decks.

      Although I don’t have it, I really like the Judith Bartschi Lenormand–lovely to see the hand of the artist in that deck. I wish it was more readily available.

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