Miniature Projects

Ah, the adventure of printing miniature quilts. This pink and green one was a graphic I made nine years ago that has sentimental value. The blue and white one is a sample of a miniature I’m making for someone else.


Here is the progress on the French knot rug I am doing in 1:12 scale for Skye Cottage, one of my dollhouses.


I liked this technique so much that I started looking for inspiration in my art books and then online for doing up another one. There isn’t much around concerning abstract art, and it takes a really good artist to pull it off. I was fortunate enough to find one, so I wrote to her explaining what I wanted to interpret her art for and she has given me permission to use her art as the basis for this project.

Her name is Angela Porter and she is from Wales. I found her page at DeviantART under the name “Artwyrd” and my jaw just dropped with delight, she does some wonderful work. She also has a web site and does textile art and jewellery as well as artwork in pencil, pen and ink, pastels, oils, and watercolour.

This is Angela’s original art Kandinsky Inspired 3 and my circular version, that I adapted after spending some time fiddling in Photoshop. I have also shown a small mock-up of the rug in paper in the hallway of the dollhouse. I just LOVE this piece of art. I will go away for a few days and come back to and it always fascinates me. Many thanks Angela for understanding what I wanted to do and how inspiring I find your work. Not all artists are like that in my experience.



There will be stairs behind this and I’m considering painting them with some kind of Kandinsky-inspired pattern myself. I’m just waiting for my art book on Kandinsky to arrive and then I’ll consider the possibilities. I will be painting furniture for this and another house and I’d always planned to paint these stairs with artwork, but again, Angela’s work has inspired me to stretch my creativity a bit further.

The dollhouse is my second one and was one I won in a raffle from miniaturists Judy and Jim Henry here in Ontario almost 11 years ago. Jim built and painted the exterior himself, and then I was to do the decorating. I’m glad I didn’t get it finished ten years ago as my new idea is to turn it into a celebration of abstract art, because Frances, the doll who lives there, is an artist. Her little girl is only six but she’s really interested in architecture, so I’m doing houses on a petit point rug and printed quilt, and perhaps I’ll frame some architectural prints for her walls. In short, this house will reflect my own interests and passions!

Since I’m in my Fauvist period (grin), I imagine this little dollhouse will turn into something rather magical at some point, which would suit me as a tribute to Judy and Jim who were responsible for the house, and were very inspiring to me as creative people themselves.

I’m slightly distracted by ideas and projects lately, but that’s really the way I like it since I’m a creative person. Creativity brings such vibrancy and interest to life.

Update: I just got back from Michael’s and bought 27 new skeins of floss to add to what I have here for the colour blending in this piece. I made tons of notes and colour code references on my reference sheet and then bought what I needed. I feel rich with colour now!


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