More New ideas and Projects

I have been spending Christmas money a bit early to learn some new techniques.

I bought a DVD from Interweave Press called DoodleBeads with Leslie Rogalski that is very short, and the publisher is so cheap, you have to download and print your own pages of diagrams and commentary to go with the DVD. That screams unprofessionalism to me since the DVD cost $25 USD.

I saw a video at YouTube of Leslie explaining the odd-count peyote stitch which was very clear–she’s excellent. I just wish they’d gone a bit further in doing a short, completed project for each technique, however, this is going to help me create what I need for a couple of necklaces.

I bought a copy of the Poetic Edda and the Iliad finally to use in working with a few card decks and mythology books.

I have some books coming on painting miniature furniture, and I bought two beautiful reference books on painted furniture in history.

American Painted Furniture
The Painted Furniture Sourcebook: Motifs from Medieval Times to the Present Day

I also bought several books on making fabric postcards and ATCs which I’d like to do and use up more fabric and get through the long winter.

1000 Artist Trading Cards
Positively Postcards
Embellishing with Anything

I just finished printing The Illustrative Lenormand Oracle that I designed. I wrote a page-long sheet of meanings and symbolism for it that I was pleased with as I like to read about specific symbolism and choices for artwork with decks.

I like to make my own decks and was considering doing up a new set of playing cards with quilt blocks patterns. I’m not sure about this, but I think using the block name might be interesting as well.

Than I decided to do some stiff, flat fabric postcards to go with my postcard collection. I ordered some books and I’ve found some Wonder Under and rigid felt to use. I’d like eventually to do 50 to 100 of these and use them in daily draws. I just enjoy making and using my own artwork. There are several techniques in embroidery and fabric painting that I have found too tedious in a full size, so doing them on small cards is ideal. I also suffer from tendinitis and arthritis so can’t do large artwork any more.

Lots of plans!

And to wrap it up, I like to buy an art book and a poetry or literature book for Christmas so I bought the book on Kandinsky I’ve wanted for a couple of years with full-colour reproductions of his work, and the complete works of Robert Frost and a book about Emily Dickinson called White Heat: The Friendship of Emily Dickinson and Thomas Wentworth Higginson.

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