Cute as a Buttercup

This is the third Buttercup Bag I have made for Christmas. This one has a custom Coptic stitch notebook to go with it. I made three of these notebooks with various cards and plan to make nine more to sell after Christmas. Likewise, I will probably sell some Buttercup Bags after I buy a license.

This bag was made for someone who travels a lot and likes to golf and entertain, so it has summery, fun sort of fabrics. I can see her using it on the golf course or while shopping or going to the beach. I like this particular size and find it big enough, quite roomy actually because the pleats allow for some expansion.

I keep some lip balm and breath spray in the pocket of mine, and there’s still room for other stuff in that pocket without straining it.


Another update showing some of the notebooks I have been making. I can’t show them full frontal until the people who are getting them recieve their gifts. I love the stitching on these, I hand-dye my linen thread and it gives such lovely gradations when sewn.

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