Fabric Postcards and Dollhouse Wallpaper

I went to Fabricland today and they have a product that is the equivalent of Timtex called Flexi Firm, so I bought a metre of that on sale for 40% off. I just finished cutting all the 4 x 6-inch bases for my fabric postcards and I was very pleased that I got enough for 50 postcards cut. I have taken a picture of them here with the rubber stamp I bought to create the “Postcard” back.

I also found the last two wallpapers for my second dollhouse on sale for $5 and $7 for a single roll. Here is a picture of them in my swatch book. The paper for the kitchen exactly matches the mock-up of the faux finish I put on part of the floor. It looks vaguely Art Nouveau as well which is good for the abstract art/early 20th century vibe for the decor of this house.

The blue one for the Parlour will go nicely with some Dutch tiles I am planning to decorate the fireplace with. There is also wainscotting in this room which I will probably leave in a light wood finish.

Now that I’ve finished my Christmas gifts I can get going on these two projects.

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