Stamping the Back of Fabric Postcards

Ah yes, now I remember why I don’t buy many rubber stamps–you have to have patience to ink them and get the print right. I never did well with monoprints or linocuts either.

I found a fabric that seemed suitable for the back of these postcards when it was reversed. I don’t often buy solids and I like the watercolour-ish look of this fabric, and the writing will show up. I only had enough for 36 cards. The stamping is a bit iffy, I eventually left the vine down the centre off because it was giving me problems. I will be writing stories and poetry for myself on the back of these so the line isn’t necessary. I inked ten of them and figure I’ll go back and do more once I’ve practiced a bit. I tend to get cranky doing stuff like this.

I have an idea for the first card and will be sorting through fabric and getting ideas for poems and such. I like to do things like this randomly, the way I generally work with cards and card decks so I’m not too rigid about what ideas pop out.

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