Diary of a Broken Soul Tarot

Update: The full review was finished in February 2012 and you can see it on my card blog along with more projects and images.

I don’t often write reviews about card decks, something has to really strike me to do so, usually another artist’s work and spirit. I am working with the tarot deck Diary of a Broken Soul which is more about how I use it rather than a review. It will take me a few weeks as I like to really work with something instead of dashing off the usual blather about card stock or lamination and how Strength and Justice should or should not be in one order or another. Things like that are irrelevant to me, I like to use decks and look at the art and become inspired creatively.

I started a piece of art in relation to the Diary which is becoming problematic for me as it’s done in coloured pencil with a watercolour background and it hurts my arm to do more than about twenty minutes a day. However, twenty minutes is more than nothing and adds up to more than two hours per week. Not bad.

This little fellow started life as a Tokay Gecko but has morphed into something else in Jahanam, the land of the Diary of a Broken Soul. Jahanam is an Islamic word that means “hell,” but for me, it’s another world: hell is a neutral land of discovery and insight. I have two side panels prepared for a triptych, which all started because of flowers on The Empress card. Beyond that, who knows where it will go. The pebbly texture of the cold-pressed watercolour paper is not really made for coloured pencil but the texture fits the subject. Now I need to cook up some foliage which I don’t want to do with coloured pencil because of my arm, but I don’t have the experience with watercolour transparency to pull it off. I was thinking about using gouache over top. I prefer illustration, patterns, and outlining or ink work to painting anyway.

This is why I need to practice, which is one of the reasons I wanted the Diary deck, it immediately inspired me to create something. No matter what happens, the journey will teach something and inspire further. Somewhere in there is my own style, which only needs practice to solidify.

I was compelled to build a small structure from the six cards I used in my first reading. There is something about the way the cards peek out unexpectedly when building them into something that appeals to me. They seem very luminous.

No other deck does this, how interesting it is.

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