Forays into Redwork and Bluework

I finally decided to try using the stem stitch to embroider some small quilt blocks to fill in the red sampler quilt I revived last year. I had wanted to last year but we had a car accident that messed up the last few months of warm weather.

The first one was modified from a line drawing in the book William Morris Appliqué. I took out several lines which looked like they would be confusing to the eye without fabric being used to differentiate the sections. This was done on a 10-inch block and I used a streaky batik fabric for the background. I used DMC embroidery floss # 304 for this as I don’t like the red too light or orange-y.

I’ve printed out several other ideas from Dover clip art. I’m not sure which ones I’m definitely going to stitch but the Dover pattern for the capital “J” has been modified quite a bit and I now have it traced on fabric to stitch up. Buying a lightbox for $50 was the best purchase I have ever made, it makes stuff like this go so easily in the design stage!

I am stitching up a small line drawing in bluework and pairing it with a small quilt block for a fabric book cover. I looked at various tutorials online for book covers and I don’t want to fuss around with actual quilting and batting, so I’m going to sew it up with just a lining. It’s for my NIV Quest Study Bible which I’m using over on my card blog with Minchiate decks, and at the minute it’s wrapped in freezer paper for protection which looks pretty goofy for such a nice hardcover book.

I found this line drawing offered for free online at Mary Corbet’s blog.

I re-sized the crown in Photoshop to be more proportionate and centred, and I’ve traced it on a fabulous piece of batik. So far I have the crown done and I’m just moving into the main imagery. For this I am using DMC # 311, a lovely blue. This piece of fabric only measures 4.5 x 8.5 inches, and in this picture you can see the strips of hemmed, waste fabric that I use when doing small embroideries so that they can be held in a hoop.

The patchwork I’m going to use with this is, predictably, called Cross and Crown.

I just wanted something pretty that didn’t take an agony of time or effort, so I am hopeful this will be suitable.

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