Beavers Love Coltsfoot

The coltsfoot is blooming a month earlier than last year because of our warm weather here in Ontario. We went for a walk in the woods and I managed to get a slightly better photograph of the coltsfoot than last year in my May 3rd 2009 post.

We observed lots of activity by the beavers. It’s so nice to have them back as they keep the ponds from being choked by bullrushes and the waterfowl appreciate the more open water. A local farmer got rid of them all several years ago and it’s taken this long for them to make a comeback. Our neighbours braved the ice on the ponds during the winter and went back to skate near the beaver dam, which is well hidden this time, and hopefully safe.

Here is a shot of a tree that the beavers are working on.

And finally, the frogs were singing like mad, and as we walked by each pond they would silence themselves while we tried and tried to see them, but only saw a few ripples. I love the frogs in Spring. Like many other places in the world, our frog population has dropped off dramatically. We used to have so many in the Spring that they’d rush the concession roads and hundreds would die, crushed by cars. That hasn’t happened for many years, but I feel heartened that they still survive and we hear them singing.

This is a little cedar growing by one of the more hidden ponds. It’s hard in a photograph to get the feel of the magic of new growth and awakening frogs.

What a lovely day!

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