Updates on the Rumi Tarot Necklace

Updating the hexagon bag yesterday, which is done in very saturated blue and green colours, reminded me of the lovely Rumi Tarot and the necklace I am making for that, so I’ll update that situation.

I need really good light for bead embroidery and like to embroider on my sunporch which is not winterized and was closed down for months, so I have had a sabbatical from the Rumi Tarot necklace project. I did lay down a few rows over the winter, but the neck on my Ott light broke so I just didn’t have the lighting indoors that I needed. However, the porch is open now and I’ve got about 3.5 months left to work there and this project is hopefully going to be finished this year.

Since I have now taught myself peyote stitch with seed beads, I would like to make a bail for the bead embroidery and then do a nice peyote stitch rope to finish off this necklace. I think that would be in keeping with the exotic look of the piece. It would also give me a chance to learn to do a few more things with seed beads.

I was looking at a blog yesterday where an artist was working with silver and fancy cabochons that they had bought at a gem show. I don’t drive and can’t get to gem shows, and I also don’t have the money for cabochons, but when you’re creative, colour is always available to you no matter what. One has to be positive about such things and do excellent work with what is available to you. The Rumi Tarot necklace is a perfect example of how I get inspired by other artists and colour. The small cabochons in it were bought on sale many years ago, and they are a good size for this, not too overwhelming.

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