The Fullness of the Hexagon Bag

Someone asked me if this bag was really flat or not, so I thought I’d clarify the shape of it with a couple of pictures.

I have it filled with its matching Wonder Wallet that has also been filled and a full Snap Happy bag, a comb, pen and Kleenex package, and you can see that it puffs out when filled, so not completely flat. In this picture you can also see the lining that was completed as I finished each hexagon before joining. I chose to use the same fabric for the back of every hexagon, but you can use any fabric combination you want and do them completely randomly or in stripes, whatever you fancy.

I keep the wallet in the bottom and then fill the Hexagon Bag fuller above that so as not to put strain on the stitches on the little pedestal bottom. It holds quite a bit without loading you down and the wallet exactly fits in the bottom.

Here it is hanging up off a bookcase so you can get an idea of how it would look filled and hanging off the shoulder of a person.

Just to reiterate, I used a free pattern and smaller hexagons that I drafted. My original discussion of this is at the bottom of this post.

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