The South Sea Bubble Cards

I’ve been trying to get this pack of facsimile playing cards for six years, and I managed to nab a copy of it from Somerville’s that I’m now waiting for in the mail. Harry Margary sells it on his own page but periodically Mr. Somerville will stock it, and I missed it last time he had it in stock.

I bought a reprint of a book from 1841 that discusses the South Sea Bubble of 1720, and it’s fascinating to examine the Bubble as it is much like our investment problems today. This is probably why the book is still in print in some edition or other.

This book was also cited in The Annotated Alice book by Martin Gardner in relation to the caterpillar’s “Who are you?” if you wish to look that up. Here is my tribute to Mr. Gardner on my card blog.

The cards:

The book (cover from my edition):

Text available from Project Gutenberg:

I generally find economic history and biographies interesting because economics is a great influence on our societies. I am currently reading a biography of J.P. Morgan, which is fascinating, not only for his economic contribution but for his contribution to art and literature through his library. I really wanted to see what he was like as a person. I started reading it three years ago and got interrupted, but I’m slowly savouring it again now.

And the South Sea Bubble cards are finally going to be part of my collection. I like interesting historical decks like this. History is timeless.

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