Periodic Rhapsodic

I received the deck this week and the first card hydrogen reminded me of a card in the Universe Cards which also feature photographs from NASA and the Hubble Space Telescope.

They both use the same photograph from the Hubble of the Eagle Nebula; one in close-up. That gave me a thrill as I like to tie together various decks in my collection and spot such patterns and similarities. I then had a delightful time learning about hydrogen on my card blog and reading the entry from the book Nature’s Building Blocks : An A-Z Guide to the Elements by John Emsley and using the hydrogen card from the Elemental Hexagons deck too.

So, the exciting world of card decks across various disciplines strikes again. It’s like eating a fine dinner and making a memory of a lovely day.

I was very disappointed that Lorena Moore, one of my favourite artists, is scrapping her idea to make a black cat playing card deck. However she will be writing a book which sounds excellent, and it is about a remarkable black cat who has probably already endeared himself to many through her blog posts about rescuing him. It’s sad though, I was quite entranced with the idea of a playing card deck.

I recently bought a copy of a card deck I’ve wanted for ages, Simon Drew’s Preposterous Playing Cards. They are full of puns and word play and just the sort of thing I like. He trained as a zoologist and is a fantastic illustrator in pen and ink, so the artwork is wonderful.

Here’s a little play on words from me to Simon from my favourite card in the deck.

And one more little thing, I’ve been having fun with digital jigsaws for a few weeks and this is a screen shot of one of my favourites, a book cover of a lovely book on botanical illustration and painting. I use the software from Tibo for doing jigsaws, it’s excellent.

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