Woven Fabric Is Off the Loom

Well, here is my first effort.

Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom 16-inch
12.5 Dent heddle
170 ends of Patons Kroy Mexicala Stripes (I used 2 50 g balls–none left)
9 picks per inch
Finished measurement 14 x 24 inches.

It was sticky yarn, so I had a few skips and I repaired them with some darning, then washed the fabric and trimmed the darned ends. I am using this for a purse so it’s not crucial, but I must learn to check my sheds more carefully. I had an awful time with the down shed and had to keep using a piece of cardboard like a pick-up stick to separate it so that the shuttle would go through. I did pick out a couple of rows here and there to fix the skips as I went, but I missed a few.

So much to check for at first while I’m learning, and you can see my beginning on the right hand side of the picture where my selvedges were a bit wonky, but they improved toward the end.

I also learned hemstitching on one end and tried hemming on the sewing machine which wasn’t ideal but will hold the fabric until I sew it into a purse. Before I cut the fringe off I tried the twisting technique and that worked well so I would do that for fringe on a scarf as I don’t like fuzzy yarn fringe.

Update: Here is a mock-up picture of the purse. I have also purchased some nice burnt orange coloured buttons to anchor down the straps. I am just hoping the weaving will be okay when I try to machine quilt it.

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