Tablet Weaving

I am enjoying using the rigid heddle loom so much that I thought I’d like to try tablet weaving. I did briefly consider an Inkle loom but I don’t have the money for that.

My husband is making me a long, thin loom for tablet weaving and I have bought a set of cards along with a belt shuttle. You can make your own cards from playing cards or cardboard, but that would hurt my hands too much.

I got the idea for this loom from someone online who said it would be easy enough to put together even for people like us who aren’t woodworkers. The blocks at either end are tensioning devices and will have bolts and wing nuts to bolt them to the long board. I will glue felt between the layers that will hold the warp thread and finished lengths of weaving. The wing nuts will hold everything together.

Anyway, it’s a start, and most importantly it cost about $5 instead of $150. My board is 34 inches long, and some people go as long as 47 inches or 1.2 meters but I didn’t have a board that long. It is 7 inches wide so will give me room to do wider straps if I wish.

At the minute I am planning purse straps of about 30 inches length but at some point I might try finer threads and do ribbons for drawstring bags.

Tablet weaving has a fascinating history and has been in use for centuries. I find that rather compelling as well since I love history so much.

Update: Here is the tablet loom finished with my rigid heddle loom on my drafting board.

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