Fabric Bible Cover Finished

I originally started this in March 2010 while I was having fun embroidering redwork and bluework quilt blocks. After cleaning my dining room table last week I uncovered the project and decided to finish it.

I switched to a variation of the Cross and Crown quilt block for the final cover. I wasn’t too keen on the first version I picked and this block better depicts the crown shape that is in the embroidery. The piecing for the whole cover is an asymmetrical design as I didn’t want to fuss too much.

I also decided that some medium weight interfacing was fine rather than using quilt batting. That is too complicated which is why I got stuck last time and it ended up buried on my dining table. I also didn’t want to fiddle around with using different coloured inside flaps as originally planned. The main objective with unfinished projects is to finish them, not to dither about it for another year with bits and pieces all over the house.

Click to Enlarge:

I put an old pendant from a necklace my husband gave me about 30 years ago on some macramé cord and sewed it into the cover for a bookmark. Then I embroidered and appliquéd a small circle for the inside of the cover. In the circle I stitched down an old pendant that a high school friend gave me in 1972 for Christmas. One of the things I’ve learned from watching television shows about de-cluttering is that when you find old items that were once important in your life, you should find a way to honour them and thus yourself. I was quite happy that I incorporated both these objects into the new book cover.

The red roses represent the Rose of Sharon from Song of Solomon 2:1, and the clusters of lilacs, or grapes if I stretch my imagination, remind me of the old 1945 movie Our Vines Have Tender Grapes with Edward G. Robinson and Margaret O’Brien. I always loved that movie and the title comes from the Song of Solomon 2:15. What lovely language, and this little embroidery will remind me of that, as well as a long-ago time when I was 16 and my friend gave me this fish and cross charm on a chain.

Next up is an unfinished purse and matching wallet that I started last May and found buried in the dining room too.

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