New Book on Bookbinding

I bought myself a Keith Smith book on bookbinding some time ago. It was volume 2 in his Exposed Spine Sewings series about bookbinding, and I really wanted volume 3 then but dithered away and got volume 2 which is okay but not really what I’m keen on these days after teaching myself the Coptic stitch.

I just nabbed a used copy of volume 3, the one that covers various Coptic stitch bindings including the beautiful and compelling caterpillar stitch. These books are quite expensive so I saved about $24 buying a used copy.

I haven’t sewn the latest books I cut out yet and I think some of them might be good for practicing Coptic stitch variations and just having fun generally with bookbinding. I had originally planned to cover some of these with fabric but I think I might paint or draw on them and have small caterpillars crawling over them.

That’s the plan anyway. I tend to rotate through several disciplines and bookbinding is one that has come to stay for good I think. I like paper and measuring and cutting paper and I like sewing and I like decorating the covers or repurposing card decks for covers.

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