Sea Towels

10 dent heddle
158 ends
112 inch warp
9 to 10 picks per inch

This was a random warp, an experiment with Knit Picks Simply Cotton Sport yarn, including some bouclé. They are tea towels, but because of the colourway I’m calling them “sea” towels. This is supposedly the maximum amount of warp I can get on my loom. The yarn was lovely and soft and I used the Knit Picks Crayon bouclé in the warp for a bit of texture. It was a slightly heaver double knitting weight but it worked fine, I just had to watch my fell line while weaving and make sure it was beaten down to be even with the sport weight yarn.

Before washing the dimensions were 14.5 inches wide by 26 inches for two of them with the third being 29.5 length. I had to squeak out as much warp as possible. I could probably have warped about 120 inches with this yarn as it was fairly soft and fine.

I put a decorative band of leno lace after the hem area. For the hem I used #30 DMC crochet cotton as weft for turning a finer hem, and I sewed the hems by hand because I felt the sewing machine would stretch them too much, plus I just think it’s a neater finish. The third towel on the bottom is still showing the hemstitching I did on the loom, I haven’t pressed and hemmed it yet. Here they are disporting with a shamrock plant in anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day.

Next time I try weaving towels I will use the 8/2 cotton on cones and double the threads in the heddle. But that’s for another time when the budget rebounds.

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