Woven and Felted Knitting Bag Project

I used my Ashford 16″ rigid heddle loom for this.

7.5 dent heddle
116 ends
80-inch warp
7 to 7.5 picks per inch

This started with some Berocco Peruvia yarn that I bought last summer. I was originally going to use it in the knitting machine and then felt a large swatch, but I wasn’t too keen on the yarn as it’s very fuzzy and it’s only one ply and tends to split and fall apart if you work with it too much. Once I took up weaving I thought I’d make use of this for purse fabric of some kind. I prefer weaving to knitting because it works up quickly and is relaxing.

I cut the initial yardage in half, sewed an invisible seam to sew the two panels together and then felted it by hand. I used 3 buckets of hot water interspersed with a cold water shock and it felted fine, it’s quite bulky. The seamed piece before felting was 29 x 26 inches. After felting it was 22 x 20 inches.

I plan to embroider one side with tapestry wool motifs and beads and embroidery floss, inspired by the book Bags In Bloom and make my own wire handles for wooden beads and my own paper beads. Sort of funky and wild. I recently went back to some old hand knit projects from 15 to 20 years ago to finish them. I also want to teach myself how to knit socks on double-pointed needles, so I’ll need a roomy tote to store and carry these projects and I think I can make something much like a carpet bag and line it with the floral fabric.

I get very uptight about things being perfect, so part of this project is to let go and have fun doing random designs and apart from the colours, not planning what happens. Here it is with some fabric, tapestry yarn, embroidery floss, felt, and beads, ready to be turned into something wild and free. It’s a nice heathery blue/green colourway called Garden, so it should look nice with some embroidered floral motifs and floral lining.

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