Redwork and Quilts

I’ve been busy making things. I let my website go because I had been ghettoized in interminably slow free hosting and it’s much easier to discuss projects and my work here at WordPress.

I am currently doing up two final redwork blocks for the red sampler quilt I have been working on for 14 years. I can feel it coming to completion, I just have to fit disparate sizes of blocks together with strips and then it will be done.

This is a nice vase I found in an online free colouring book source. It is working up beautifully in a ten inch block.

The final redwork block has been traced out on fabric. I got permission from one of my favourite artists to use a section of her artwork, much modified for stitching purposes, in this block, so I will unveil that at a later date. I was happy she gave me permission; artists are so generous if you only write and tell them what you hope to do, and then ask.

I laid the completed blocks out to get an idea on how many blocks I still needed to do and was surprised that I don’t need any more. This will finish up around 65 x 80 inches and the quilt is to go with a red Adirondack chair that my brother refurbished for me. The chair was my Mom’s and she sat in it when she was pregnant with me 55 years ago.





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