The Nirvana of Finding the Book

While I struggle with photography and my point and shoot camera, the library managed to track down a photography history book I ordered called The Magic Box: The Eccentric Genius of Hannah Maynard by Claire Weissman Wilks.

I am keen to read this as not only is it Canadian history but it is rare to find books on women photographers. I also put in another inter-library loan request for A History of Women Photographers by Naomi Rosenblum, so I hope they can get that for me as easily as they got The Magic Box.

Since buying the Portable Fortitude Playing Cards with author Eduardo Galeano on one of the court cards, I have been trying to save up to buy used editions of his Memory of Fire trilogy and I had just enough to buy Genesis, Faces & Masks, and Century of the Wind last week right after our postal strike ended. It will probably take about a month for them to get here but at least I will finally be able to read them which is very exciting. My editions will not be a matching set but that’s okay.

While looking up some mythological references last week, I realized that my book collection was lacking information on Celtic Mythology so I managed to hunt up a used copy of an older edition of James MacKillop’s excellent Dictionary of Celtic Mythology to go with An Encyclopedia of Celtic Mythology by Bob Curran. It is hard to find Celtic information that hasn’t been overtaken with New Age credo. I am hoping these two books together will provide some substance as online sources for Celtic mythology are a bit haphazard.

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