Wonky, Liberated Quilting

While contemplating patterns to make a doll quilt for the Tonner Strider doll I bought with birthday money, I felt really uninspired, so I began searching photographs on the Internet to see if anything struck me.

I saw a photo where the quilter had cut the ends off randomly pieced borders and I could feel my interest picking up. I often do random writing exercises and pull disparate things together quickly to give my creativity a chance to blossom without adhering to rules and preconceived patterns, so this sort of thing appealed to me.

I’ve been reading articles by quilter Gwen Marston since I started quilting in 1984 and she has a recent book called Liberated Quiltmaking II that I have ordered.

Then I needed something to add for free shipping so I also ordered Fresh Quilting: Fearless Color, Design, and Inspiration by Malka Dubrawsky:

Yeah, we don’t want no stinking fear in this house.

And that’s the end of my birthday money but the books will keep on giving to my mind and creativity.

Update: I loved the sewing machine cover so much that I am currently piecing it. It goes together really fast, so a nice project for summer holidays.

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