Update on French Knot Rug

My big idea today was to get going and finish the three small areas of this piece so I could turn the edges under and complete this rug for my dollhouse. As I’ve mentioned the original artwork that this tiny rug is based on is by Chidi Okoye  The original has sold, but one day I’d like to buy a print of it.

I cannot find my 6-inch embroidery hoop.

Foiled again!!

This is my dining room, which gives you a clue of why I keep getting frustrated by missing supplies. Oh to have a studio with tables and cupboards and light.

Buried on this table are several projects:

– An acrylic painting to be used as a backdrop for the Diary of a Broken Soul Tarot (standing up proudly)
– The Bloomsday Quilt
– 2 redwork embroidery blocks for a red sampler quilt
– A necklace based on the Diary of a Broken Soul Tarot review (waiting for a crucial bead in the mail)
– 2 tree necklaces that I made beads for in the summer, waiting for pendants to be wired together and then strung
– A tin full of beading pliers
– 2 rescued piles of cardstock in blue and cream
– A sewing machine
– A pieced and quilted cover I made for my sewing machine last summer, waiting to be machine quilted
– 2 boxes of sewing thread
– 1 box of sewing patterns
– 1 drawer unit of regular embroidery floss
– 3 hand woven tea towels waiting to be hemmed
– A project of knitted flowers for a felted bag I started 2 years ago
– 2 boxes of small bits of yarn
– Sets of double-pointed knitting needles
– A box of needles, a tray of needles, 2 boxes of pins, erasers, pencil sharpeners
– A glass of pencils and coloured pencils for marking
– A basket of small square samples of Ultrasuede, and cardboard circular templates in many sizes
– 4 pairs of scissors
– Fabric, always fabric
– Books, always, always books

Notice in the background an upholstered chair with sheets over it and a cat sleeping on a blanket. A blanket I put down minutes ago to arise and take this picture. I never had a chance to sit down again. Giving up to feline tenacity, I decided to do a blog post.

If only I could find that hoop……ah it was under the purple sampler quilt which I didn’t realize was on the table.

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