Poetry, Laminator, Paper Trimmer, and Plates

One of my dogs died recently of cancer so I’m making a small memory book for her. After buying the book Adventures in Bookbinding by Jeannine Stein, I saw her project and sample of a little booklet made with hand-woven fabric that is bound around a piece of driftwood. Unlikely to find driftwood in rural Ontario, I did find some suitable branches that had blown down on a walk with my other dog, so I shall repurpose those.

I want to stitch a small cross stitch picture of a yellow Labrador on the cover, so I’m waiting for an out-of-print book I ordered for that. The weaving was one I did months ago; I have two tea towels from it, but had a left over piece that wasn’t long enough, but is perfect for cutting book covers from.

Yesterday I went to the art store and bought several shades of Canson Mi-Teintes paper to bind into the book and pick up some of the colours in the woven cover. I like that paper as you can sketch and draw with coloured pencils on it, you can also use a pen and ink or put photographs in—I like to make my own corners out of coloured paper for photo corners in a book like this. In this image I have placed a piece of white paper over the book cover to approximate where I am putting an applique with the cross stitch. The cover will be lined and then bound much like a quilt and then I will sew it to the twig.

Years ago when I used to work in a library, I would use the laminator at work for laminating bookmarks I made for myself. I have been limping along for seven years using Contac paper to protect bookmarks, but because it isn’t heat-set you don’t get the nice saturation of colours and it doesn’t stay put over layers. Yesterday while shopping for my art paper I decided to take some money from my Dad and buy an inexpensive laminator. I also bought a Fiskars paper trimmer to save my hands while trimming paper for small handmade books, and while we were checking out at Michael’s, a nice customer gave us a 50% off coupon so I got my trimmer for a decent price.

You can see two bookmarks I laminated in from of the laminator, and I just used the one on the left for a daily draw with a bit of poetry on my card blog.

The book I used in that draw is a gem. A gentleman on one of my reading lists recommended it to me, and I ordered a copy through inter-library loan and liked it so much that I bought a copy. Braided Creek: A Conversation in Poetry by Ted Kooser and Jim Harrison, is a book I can see myself reading through the years in small moments of reflection.

Old willow
taps the river
with his cane.

I had recently purchased some quilt fabric in a deep red Jacobean-type fabric to make a pillow for a chair I want to buy for my bedroom, and to use in finishing a red sampler quilt I am nearly ready to put together. I bought two yards of it from the States, and while at Pier 1 yesterday I saw a small salad plate for $8 that I bought. I have wanted this plate since last summer, and my husband was kind enough to buy it for me.

I will eventually put this on the wall behind the chair with an existing print of a watercolour of a red-wing blackbird and an antique plate with a red-wing blackbird, that my husband bought me because I love these blackbirds. Excuse the crummy photography.

If only I could find a chair that was affordable.

Winter knows
when a man’s pockets
are empty.

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