Coptic Stitch Notebooks and General Bookbinding “Rules”

I have been pressing these signatures and now I’m going to punch them and re-press them as a couple did not have enough weight on them the first time. Then they will be ready to sew with a one-needle Coptic stitch, a favourite of mine.

The four books in the foreground are going to have wraparound fabric covers with miniature patchwork and maybe some embroidery. The other four are repurposed postcards or oracle cards. I paste the covers back-to-back so it uses four cards for the covers but it makes them sturdier. The four smaller ones use two layers of Rives BFK paper.

These were made to carry in various purses. I like to make my own handbags and have a few patterns I haven’t sewn yet, plus some lengths of handwoven material to incorporate in handbags. I like to have matching accessory sets, including wallets and notebooks, so this is pure fun for me.

I see across the Internet some very fine bookbinding going on, and much seriousness or intensity of purpose. I have dozens of interests and disciplines, so am fragmented in my creative pursuits, but I simply have fun creating. For some people that do bookbinding as a living and make professional-quality books, I suppose the sort of thing I do might seem frivolous or “crafty” rather than being true art.

So what? There is such snobbery in every artistic discipline, from weaving and quilting to making jewellery or knitting.

I make what I can afford to make and have a purpose for, and I have high standards for finishing. I have made art books and notebooks, with a few more in the works. Making my own sketchbooks and art journals with any kind of paper I want or a mixture of papers is something that I like too. I plough on making and using what I enjoy; such joy is the ultimate expression for a creative person.

Self-made customization is like finding relief from the sun on a hot day.


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