Good Books and Good Bags

I read a wonderful book about the rescue of two horses in the winter alpine terrain in British Columbia. It is called The Rescue of Belle and Sundance: A Miracle on Mount Renshaw by Birgit Stutz with Lawrence Scanlan. It is a short read but packed with information about the area and weather and the way pack horses are abandoned and neglected; something I had not known about. These two horses were originally bought for $300 from a slaughterhouse to be used as pack horses, and then they went on to be abandoned and nearly die again before they were rescued.

Two books I have wanted to read for a while came to me via inter-library loan. The Horses of Proud Spirit by Melanie Sue Bowles, and her other book about rescued dogs called The Dogs of Proud Spirit. I am always interested in books about rescued animals and am waiting to some day rescue another dog myself, so in the interim I am getting in the spirit (pun!)

I also revisited My Life in France by Julia Child with Alex Prud’homme. I got this from the library when I first saw the movie Julie & Julia and I found it very uplifting. Julia Child was a pragmatist who seemed to find equanimity among change and sorrow, something I respect. I reread it and then managed to get my husband to finally read it. He is not the best reader of non-fiction but I wanted him to read the book before we watched the movie again. It’s a great book if you haven’t read it, she had an interesting life and a fascinating husband who was very artistic and creative.

After having this pattern on and off the wish list, I finally bought it: A Pocket Full of Sunshine by Natalie Ross, In Stitches. Although the included embroidery pattern is nice enough, I am planning some crazy patchwork with pink embellishments for the flap. I haven’t decided yet on fabric for the main part of the purse but I bought some lining fabric on sale and I will put some of it in the patchwork.

One of these days I will get back to sewing and embroidery but I’ve had a few issues with chronic pain that undermine my creative impulses. Still, it’s nice to plan and there are always good books to read!


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