Santa Wrestles with the Allure of Cards

I have been waiting for some cards published by the always excellent Dorling Kindersley on snakes. The Boy Scouts of America have a few card decks through DK Publishing with things like first aid, knots, trees, stars, the sort of thing you might use while camping or exploring the back yard.

In June of this year they came out with Boy Scouts of America’s Deck of Snakes. I bought the snake one today. It is wicked of me to spend $9 but how can anyone resist the “Bonus: Snake War Game!” enticement?

The upcoming deck is Spiders & Other Creepy Crawlers. If the snake one is good Santa might want me to have the spidey deck at a later date. Santa likes animals and the natural world. There is apparently a war game attached to this one too. I assume they mean the card game War and not an actual war with commando Orb Weaving Spiders dashing about in yellow coats infiltrating the enemy camp of Fishing Spiders and their minion army of Scutigera coleoptrata.

Santa is also very fond of botanical prints and wall charts. There is a new book out called The Art of Instruction:

NO, Santa doesn’t want the bloody book, Santa wants the set of 100 postcards that Chronicle Books is publishing in October.

Look at these beauties and tell me you wouldn’t want a postcard featuring a vintage educational wall chart about herrings:

Or this one about the Swiss Moss Fern:

You cannot go wrong placing a pre-order for this.

I always do what Santa does; thus am I on the cutting edge of card collection.

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