Earrings, Earrings Everywhere

I just finished a gift for someone that is a combination of last year’s gift and this year’s. My friend has seen some terrible days due to her spouse’s near death from a heart aneurysm. They continue to struggle on so I thought to send a little pick-me-up.

More matchbook notebooks—just the thing! I have been finding these very handy to make notes, particularly if I hear a song on the radio and want to write the title and artist down for a scrounge at iTunes.

My friends are both cat lovers and they like football. The woman loves leopard prints so I used a specific leopard print scrapbooking paper for one of her little notebooks. I also managed to scan two cards in from my new facsimile playing cards and use them. It’s a one-off measuring about 1 inch and I am not selling them so this should be okay for copyright.

I also made some custom leopard-print beads and used them in two sets of earrings. I managed to use a bit of jasper and garnet and pietersite I think it is. Let’s hope they hit the spot.

I also made several sets of earrings recently using various things and some basic wirework. I even got the wire jig out for one rather exuberant pair, second from the left in the bottom row, and I used some brass and pewter charms and my own handmade beads with gold and copper painted accents.

People can never have too many earrings. I have a couple I am making myself with a duplicate set of wire shapes and some more handmade impasto beads.

Earrings rule the Earth, providing humans with contemplative hours wrangling with specialty pliers.



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2 Comments on “Earrings, Earrings Everywhere”

    • JJ ColourArt Says:

      Thanks Nat!

      What do you think, should I try and hunt up some tombstone pictures for earrings? Wouldn’t that be neat?

      When I was doing my review for your deck and made that necklace, the snow was so deep I couldn’t get in the local cemetery to get a lamb picture–perhaps I should try again.

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