Spencer the Ratsnake Goes Exploring

I finished this fun project, a knitted snake that I made to go with my Boy Scouts of America Deck of Snakes. He is named Spencer after Spencer Fullerton Baird, a 19th century naturalist, and the discoverer of Baird’s Ratsnake. I became fascinated by ratsnakes and felt compelled to knit this as a ratsnake, albeit one with a strange pattern.

It’s a great free pattern as I outlined in this post, and was fun to make and looks quite realistic. The increases and decreases for the head are brilliant. I used 8mm safety eyes for his eyes. Here is a close-up of the back of the head. Because it is all knit in stockinette stitch, the edges curl and there is no finishing to do other than weave the yarn ends in along the side. It also makes it look like a real snake.

I wanted to learn a couple of new techniques but also have fun. I often make things to go with card decks and this seemed like the perfect tie-in.

The pattern is marvelous, and I am so impressed that it’s free but works up so well.

Thanks for a good time Spence! Stay away from that cactus behind you…and the aloe.

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4 Comments on “Spencer the Ratsnake Goes Exploring”

  1. mooninfog Says:

    This is adorable. I’m gonna take a photo e-mail you a photo of Rat, who is a fantastic doll that I did not make. They should get along famously. Gotta wait for daylight though.

  2. mooninfog Says:

    Ugh. sentence structure. You knows what I means LOL

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