Beetles Anyone?

I was browsing my Dorling Kindersley book on Insects, and I kept wanting to draw some of the spectacular beetle species.

I hauled out one of my notebooks and was looking at the page I did with Spring flowers which degenerated into leaf doodles on the border. I had drawn a circle on the facing page in order to draw a mandala but now I think I’d like to do strange, polka-dotted and striped beetles in fantastic colours for a bit of fun.

It’s an idea. And below the sketchbook you can see several matchbook notebooks cut and glued and ready to sew together. That was an idea too.

I don’t know, anyone else out there fascinated by beetles and circles?


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7 Responses to Beetles Anyone?

  1. mooninfog says:

    Well there’s the scarabs pushing the orb of dung…so you’re in the company of ancient Egypt. Pretty interesting bunch 😉

    • JJ ColourArt says:

      I was never that interested in Egyptian stuff–don’t know why.

      I am finished whatever gift-making I can do today–too dark to work so I’m going to make a tentative stab at a beetle or two.

  2. mooninfog says:

    I’m mostly interested in their eye makeup. It’s a plus that they liked cats and falcons. And papyrus. That’s about it.

  3. I once painted myself a board for an eating table when I lived in a tent in the jungle-ish mountains of Kauai. I painted it all in beetles copied from a field guide on insects. The smallest image was perhaps a foot across; the largest perhaps three feet, if the board was that big. The board itself was cheep plywood, the kind you get where there are little circles missing where a tree might once have had branches. It is long gone now— gone the way that damp things go—

    • JJ ColourArt says:

      OMG, it sounds enchanting Jess.

      I have had this picture in my mind of a Galah bird and beetles on a decorative object. I just need to get it out of my mind–my limited skills frustrate me.

      I have a piece of 15″ square hot-pressed watercolour paper for it–going to do watercolour and coloured pencils–my usual.

      I always want things to end up looking like scientific illustrations but I can’t pull it off, I get bored with that perfection of detail. So I’m aiming for some sort of individualistic compromise.

      Recognizable beetles in strange colours…I think the size of the picture is daunting for me.

  4. I love the ideas of beatles with polka-“spots” ans stripes! Sounds fun! It reminds me of an adult version of all the awesome things they do to bugs on baby girl bedding and room decor now. It’s really quite inspiring if you have time to browse such things for no reason. I always find myself inspired and cheered up as I see those lovely images on my daughter’s things. Plus, my daughter is sweeter than honey, so I can’t help but cheer up. Anyway, I think it’s quite impressive how they make baby bedding so interesting now. That must be a fun job. “Hey you, go design a new bedding set! Make it fun!” Lol.

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