A Doll for a Doll

I was browsing the Internet and saw that American Girl have little 6.5-inch dolls to go with the bigger 18-inch dolls. I thought that was a great idea and in thinking about it, I remembered a little doll I already had.

She is a rough porcelain with porcelain arms and legs attached to a stuffed muslin body, and painted shoes. She wears a dress, apron and mob cap with lace. I turned her over and the label said ” Hallmark Cards 1985″ so this was sold as a Christmas tree ornament. I bought it much later around 2005 in a discount store for about $5 and cut the string off the top of her head. She is 5.75 inches tall so is right in scale, which is approximately 1:3 for these 18-inch dolls.


The dolls have such character in their faces, so they are well-suited to each other.

A couple of weeks later I got intrigued by the mini Lalaloopsy dolls so next time I was near a store I bought one for Saila. This little fellow is Peter R. Canfly, whose clothes are sewn from Peter Pan’s hat. He has a little crocodile on wheels pull toy and a set of pan pipes, which Saila is holding.

I got a kick out of this because my mother used to say to me “Oh Judy, you can’t stay Peter Pan forever” which sounds like something snarky people said to her when growing up. At Christmas this year when  my husband gave me Saila as a gift, one of my sisters wrote me and told me to “Grow up” which I found rather amusing given that she once had a teddy bear collection numbering about 100.

Anyway, old Peter might use his slingshot on her as he came with a tiny slingshot too. Peter is grabbing Saila’s waistband to position himself for a good shot.


Go for it Pete!




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