Architecture Books to Use with My Towers Art Journal

For Christmas this year, I bought two books with overviews on architecture and some nice photographs. I am planning to use them with the Towers Art Journal that I made several years ago.


Originally I had planned to study Tower cards from tarot decks with another woman, but she was a busy person who soon moved on to something else, so I completed the journal and here it sits. You can read more about that journal here and here.

I do have a fascination for architectural towers though, particularly old ruins overrun with vines and trees and such, so I thought I could use this journal finally for some sketching and fun creative things pertaining to towers. I like medieval and renaissance architecture so I’ll probably stick to things like that.

DK Eyewitness Companions: Architecture by Jonathan Glancey
ISBN 9781405310291

Dorling Kindersley publications always have such exquisite full-colour photographs and close-ups. This overview goes from ancient times to the present, so lots of varied buildings and settings and countries. Just the thing for a drawing reference.

Oxford History of Art: Early Medieval Architecture by Roger Stalley
ISBN 9780192842237

This reminds me of several of the Thames and Hudson publications in their World of Art series. There is a second book on mid-medieval architecture but I didn’t have the money to buy both. Feudalism, pilgrimage, monasticism, basilicas and such; I prefer this period to any other and there are lots of photographs for reference in both black and white and colour.

Even though I bought these books with Christmas money from my Dad, my husband got angry about me purchasing anything which kind of ruined the books for me, so I am letting them sit for a time until I can go back to the journal with a fresh eye and enthusiasm.

One day soon!


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5 Responses to Architecture Books to Use with My Towers Art Journal

  1. jema says:

    Your tower journal looks great! I tried my hand at making a book with one of them kits I got from some scrapbook club once or twice and enjoyed it. Might try and do one more adventurous some day, with my own picks of material. I know the basic ideas, just need some tools – and ideas of course 😀

    • JJ ColourArt says:

      Hi Jema! Oh yes, do try another one, being inspired by cards or something you want to study.

      I started this with a woman who disappeared yet again, which was her usual modus operandi as she was fond of getting enthused about ideas or writing and not following through. I still miss the fact that we could have had a good time doing tarot Tower cards together but that’s life.

      The thing got made, that’s the important thing. I get frustrated when I don’t get the things made that are in my mind.

      • jema says:

        your post today on your other blog was great too and it made me feel inspired. I am far from an artist but I got this idea for a journal all about the TdM pips. Gonna think a little about it…

        • JJ ColourArt says:

          I only have one TdM deck. Do you have several you could study with or just one deck?

          • jema says:

            I got quite a few, and just ordered a new one last night :-p I prefer the more cleaned up versions then the pure faksimile ones, but they still need to retain some of the tiny details. Like the Fournier TdM is just too anonymous for me. I prefer the Dodal pattern too.

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