Knitting for Dolls

I finished three attempts at a free pattern called Little Kina for my baby doll Pammy. She is much smaller than baby dolls of today so I had to modify the decreases and shoulder slope and the size of the armholes.

I ran out of the cheap blue acrylic I used for my first two attempts. This is the first one, which she is swimming in it is so large. The colour is pretty on her though.


This third attempt was done in scrap sport weight yarn. I will probably modify this to make it a few stitches larger across the back to fit over a dress but for now here she is. Saila has given her the Mini Lalaloopsy doll Peter R. Canfly to play with.

I will wait to buy the yarn for the final version until I get a really good fabric print to dress her in.


I started two knitted dresses for Saila. This one is finished with some modifications, including an extra round of decreases at the yoke of the dress to make it fit properly. The hat is a second attempt, with 20 less stitches and less rows all together. I probably could have made the crown a few rows bigger but I didn’t want to have to do a third attempt.


The yarn is Patons Astra, a DK weight yarn in navy blue with a variegated colourway for contrast. I have been calling it her Aurora Borealis dress.

The hat is sewn up but needs some knitted flowers for embellishment, and I need to sew the bottom of the dress together and then sew on buttons for the neck and back. My gauge in garter stitch must have been so different from the pattern as this was a huge fiddle to fit. The pattern calls for a small knitted flower or bow up on the yoke, but I need a break from this before completing the sewing up.


She has decided to call her little dolly Maud, after a great-Auntie of mine.

Later that day…..

I finally finished Saila’s Watercolour Dress, so-called because the lovely James C. Brett Marble yarn looks like a watercolour quilt when worked up for a small dress like this. Saila is not letting go of Maud even for a picture of her new dress. Maud is happy with this one because it has highlights of red and green that match her own dress and apron.


Everybody’s happy!

I feel happy because I finally got gauge in something and the item fits with no ripping out and fiddling. I’ll be making this dress again. It’s called Katie’s New Dress and you can buy the pattern on Ravelry.



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