Maplelea Girl Saila Gets a New Dress

These self-striping fair isle or jacquard yarns are so wonderful for knitting doll clothes. The pattern appears like magic as you knit. This is a very easy dress pattern but the floral effect just happens without any effort on my part, which is my kind of design.

This is part of an Easter outfit for Saila, I’m fiddling around with some sewing patterns to complete the look. Her little sister Poppy might also get a dress from this yarn if I can get this pattern to fit with some modifications from a member of a forum.

I made the dress a bit longer than the pattern calls for as I think it looks dressier that way. I call it Saila’s Spring Flowers dress. In the journal that came with Saila from Maplelea, mention is made of how she is interested in fashion design, so that makes me more interested in designing nice outfits for her.

I don’t have the right colour of buttons in this size so I’m going to try tinting white buttons with fabric dye. I did that once years ago and you can’t do fully saturated colours but a tint is fine when matching buttons to pastel colours like this.




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