In the Realm of Eye Candy and Inspiration

I had previously bought Danny Gregory’s book An Illustrated Life which is about artists and their sketchbooks and a book I find myself browsing through monthly to uplift and inspire me. He has a new one called An Illustrated Journey which is much the same thing, only specifically about visual travel journals. I’ve had it on my wish list since last year and I thought it would do me good so I ordered it.


I, who don’t travel, thought this was something I could apply to travelling in my mind. I have a favourite quote by Samuel Taylor Coleridge that I’ve had pinned to my cork board down here for a decade at least:

From whatever place I write you will expect that part of my ‘Travels’ will consist of excursions in my own mind.

Just so.

While ordering this, to get free shipping I finally bought the DVD of the excellent move Topsy-Turvy which is about Gilbert and Sullivan and the writing and performing of The Mikado. We have seen it before when I ordered it on an inter-library loan, but it is wonderful and I want to see it again and have it in my collection.


And then I got to missing my sketchbook and thinking about all the great birds we have here and took a chance and ordered a book called Drawing Birds with Colored Pencils by Kaaren Poole.


It gives me hope during a bad stretch while I wait for my back and jaw to stop hurting after a dental visit. I am limited in my time spent drawing due to chronic tendinitis, but I need some hope right now.

Really, the only way to draw something and learn techniques is to draw, but I do find this sort of thing inspiring.


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