Stillman and Birn Art Journals

Hah, while browsing new things at Curry’s online, I saw that they are now carrying the Stillman and Birn Art Journals. Like a lot of people, I suppose I need another sketchbook like I need asthma, but all the reviews make the paper sound really good.


The Gamma series has ivory paper which I find enticing. The paper is vellum but it has some resistance or tooth, and then there’s the Epsilon series which is a smoother plate surface and better for ink, but a natural white colour. They both take watercolour up to a point, which is fine for me as I don’t do heavy watercolour washes and I like to mix light washes of watercolour with coloured pencils.

They are both 100 lb paper, and the hardcovers open up fully so you can do double-page spreads. I was interested in the 5.5 x 8.5 inch landscape size, which would be 17 inches when opened up. Neat, maybe I could do that galah bird I’ve always wanted to try drawing.

They are expensive at $18, but if I was really going to use it I could save up. My other sketchbooks are mostly for dabbling and none of them open up except the spiral bound one, and of course the spirals drive me crazy as they get in the way. Probably I could buy two books to get different papers and sizes but I don’t have the money so one will suffice if I can get to the art store.

I don’t drive so I have to wait and save and dream for a bit. Yeah, this gecko thinks it’s a good idea, only he wants to make sure I don’t give that galah bird lime green feathers. He never has lived down his embarrassment at the way his toes morphed into lime popsicles.


Hey, I just noticed that the colour codes on the sketchbooks go with the colours in my gecko picture. That does it, I’ve got to buy one one of these journals now.



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