Happy Easter from the Girls

Here are Saila and her little sister Poppy all dressed up in their matching dresses, ready to go to church with their Auntie Fran.


I had ordered some purple shoes for Poppy to go with this dress but they won’t arrive in time so she looks a bit odd wearing her sneakers. Saila was supposed to have a little embroidered bolero and a fascinator for church, but Mom didn’t feel well so it is not made yet. Update: I received the shoes on April 10th so here is Poppy looking quite smart in her lovely shoes with bows:


Still, the girls have their matching Easter dresses and the Easter bunny brought them chocolates and fuzzy Easter chicks so they are happy.

In this photo I have lightly steamed the hems to drape better without killing the acrylic yarn. I held the iron about two inches above the hem for about five seconds and it was just enough to tame the curl. I found that particularly at the back, the hems were prone to curling up.


And here is little Fan with her Easter chick. She is holding it as tight as can be!


Have a happy day everybody.

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