Wedding Necklace

This is the necklace I made to wear to a wedding recently. The rectangular wooden beads with the impasto embellishment were made by my friend Rose Dix, an artist from South Africa, who sent me these for my 50th birthday in 2006. I was waiting for just the right project for them and I had made two long herringbone ropes in the winter to use with them, but the blouse I was wearing needed a shorter necklace. Click to enlarge.


I was stumped until I realized that I could do an asymmetrical design featuring the clasp off-centre with only one of the ropes. I then mixed in some fuchsia, dark purple, and garnet beads along with 2 mm goldtone beads to round it out. The corresponding earrings were made to match with the more simple pair on the right picking up the fabric pattern from the lining of my jacket. I punched the colours up a bit with coloured pencil and then did some highlighting with antique gold acrylic paint. I have three holes in my ears so always need two pairs, but in an asymmetrical arrangement.

I was really pleased with how this turned out and it was lovely to wear, nice and light. Here is a partial photograph of it, a little out of focus as it was taken on a phone but it shows how it fell on my neck against my nice fuchsia top and black jacket.


Oh, and you can see my long, grey hair as well. There’s always a bonus to be had!


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4 Comments on “Wedding Necklace”

  1. mallow blossom Says:

    The Necklace is gorgeous and so are you. I thought your hair looked more blonde than white. But so what, you still look beautiful. I happen to think white hair looks lovely anyway. 🙂

    • JJ ColourArt Says:

      Hi Ann, thanks! Actually I had a few comments from people who thought my hair was streaked rather than going grey. I think I am one of the lucky ones whose colouring suits going grey.

  2. It look fantastic. I love the asymmetrical edginess of it. It works perfectly with what you are wearing.

    And another thumbs-up for the hair as well! I really like that kind of ash hair colouring. My friend’s mother had it from a very young age and it always struck me as looking more blonde and vibrant than grey.

    JJ rocks! 🙂

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