A Blast from Nutrition

As an on-and-off follower of food combining and on-and-off vegetarian, I am always interested in eating fresh foods and lots of fruit and vegetables. Like many people though I slip into emotional eating, sometimes in a baffling manner. Much of it stems from my frustration with chronic pain and insomnia, but I would rather eat properly.

I got a gift from my brother that we picked up from the post office on Saturday, and it’s a NutriBullet machine my brother had raved about when I saw him at a recent wedding. It sounded good and it sounded like something I couldn’t afford so I never investigated further. Well, he sent me one as a surprise and also bought an extra book for me about healing foods and what specific foods are good for inflammation, muscular problems, insomnia, all the things I deal with.


I had to let it sit there for two days as I was a bit overwhelmed. Today I opened the manual and went through things, then washed the cups and blades in warm, soapy water. They’ve used non BPA plastic so it doesn’t have a chemical taste or smell. I am very sensitive to some plastics, so this was a relief to me. While the cups and accessories were draining I went out and picked some fresh spinach and lettuce from the garden and then brought it in and washed it.

I had chosen to make a large, green NutriBlast or ‘Blast as they call it, and I used one of the beginner recipes called Green Fever, which was 50% spinach with banana and a tomato. Fill the cup, add water, put the blade on and set into the base and away it went. Since I mixed the spinach with lettuce I thought it would taste awful but it was VERY tasty. I sipped the entire contents of this mammoth cup with no problem, with easy clean-up afterward.


I don’t know, I think I could get to like this!

Update: My gizmo is leaking liquids into the motor area. I’ve only used it twice and seems to leak regardless of how much liquid is in there. It is a known issue according to online reports from consumers, so I’ll try tomorrow and if it still leaks I’ll contact the manufacturer. Rats! Update2: While the unit does seem to leak, it is in the threads between the cup and screw on unit with the blade, and might be because I tilt it taking it off the base. I will try tomorrow taking it straight off vertically and see if it leaks. I saw one guy mentioning putting a bit of olive oil on the threads to seal it better, so I will try that trick as well.

My husband is always putting avocadoes into salads and I find them too rich, but they are recommended for blending in this machine and I think I would prefer them mixed up creamily in one of these Blasts. You can use kale and Swiss chard for greens as well as lettuce and spinach and we usually have tons of these greens around, but it gets hard for two of us to eat all that food. Blending it down is a good idea, we can use our lettuce fresh but also blend it too, and in that way use it up before it goes to seed or rots in the refrigerator.

I need to buy some raw nuts and some berries to have on hand for this. I can finally use my flax seed as an addition to one of these Blasts and our blackberries are ripening on our bushes right now so I’ll be able to throw a few of those in.

Off to read more…


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2 Comments on “A Blast from Nutrition”

  1. bama Says:

    I think as time progresses, you will grow very fond of this little machine. If mine breaks, I know I will buy another.

    Avocado & bananas make smoothies creamier. I also use rolled oats or various nuts as an added bonus. If I want it a little sweeter, I use a bit of raw honey. I rarely use the recipes in the books anymore as it is fun to create our own. We always use the 60% veggies & 40% fruits combination to keep it healthy.


    • JJ ColourArt Says:

      I keep meaning to try the avocado–must do that as we usually have some around for salads.

      I have some rolled oats–must try that too. I love nuts but tend to eat too much of them if I have them around, but I will try that too. Thanks Carolyn!

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