The Hoppity Spider, Eating Mosquitoes

We have several large windows in our sunporch which seem to have resident “hoppity spiders” as I call them. Thinking that this nomenclature was embarrassing for a person to use, I tried to take a picture of one of the hoppities and thus identify it by browsing sites related to Ontario insects.

Good luck to me. I tried this before with a spider and narrowed it down to an orb weaver but couldn’t get an exact species.

Here is Hoppity eating a dead mosquito on the micro window screen above the kitchen sink. If I get earwigs or flies in the house I just close the windows and let the hoppities eat them. For this reason I let these particular spiders be as they are helpful. Usually I have an agreement with spiders that if they come in the house they have to die. Except for these guys.


I need to wash these screens, the camera macro never lies.

Hoppity is about 7 mm long, so he’s a small fellow. I can’t see his eye arrangement but he’s black. It could be a type of Phidippus which is a genus of jumping spiders in the family Salticidae but he doesn’t have red or other colours on him. We have a larger hoppity with stripes too, and I can’t identify him either. There are about 44 species of jumping spider in Ontario.

For me, spider identification is hopeless. It must require years of study and a special brain chip or something.

I’ll just hoppity along then.


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4 Comments on “The Hoppity Spider, Eating Mosquitoes”

  1. Roseanne Dix Says:

    what a wonderful little article. Judith – I think this surpasses all !! Just loved it and felt ALMOST endeared to your ‘hoppity” …beautiful words as usual.

    • JJ ColourArt Says:

      They are endearing! This morning while bringing the dogs in I was swatting mosquitoes off them and one got away, but Hoppity grabbed him, and I could tell he was enjoying the fresh dog blood inside the mosquito.

      How could you not find a good friend like that endearing?

  2. Yep, I’m with you! Spiders are so much better than flies and mosquitoes 🙂 For the really huge, hairy, scary ones, I have a patented spider catcher that lets you catch them at arm distance, but without hurting them, so I just chuck them outside 😀

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