I Thought I Threw That Out

In 1981 when I took a drafting course that I didn’t finish because the teacher was forcing me to write my capital “A” a different way (much rolling of eyes), I bought several drafting supplies and kept them all.

Or at least I thought I did. Eventually a couple of months ago my eraser shield turned up, and this weekend something else turned up. Don’t get too excited…..my flexible curve!!!


Oh man, the bubbling anticipation and relief. I thought for sure I had dumped it in a green garbage bag while doing a big clearout several years ago, and was kicking myself ever since saying “I should never have thrown out that blue thing.” However, there it was nestled in one of the four boxes of cardboard quilting templates I had saved “just in case.” Just in case I felt like throwing out four boxes of musty cardboard 20 years later.

Things have changed, there are rotary cutters and self-heal mats and I can print templates off the computer as I need them. Time to discard the cardboard, along with the old chest of drawers the previous owner left that I had always disliked. Gone. Free.

So here he is, Mr. Electric Blue Flexible Curve, Staedtler 971 60-24, 24-inches long, and all ready for creative pursuits like drawing.


And you thought falling in love was exciting. Think again, think blue magic.


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4 Comments on “I Thought I Threw That Out”

  1. Roseanne Dix Says:

    brilliant writing (of course !!) wonderful whimsy. loved it.

  2. nowandzenn Says:

    Don’t you just love finding old treasures?

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