Further Adventures with NutriBullet

I finally got the spouse to read the literature and enjoy a morning drink on Sunday after blending in the NutriBullet. He promptly went to the store and bought more fruit and a bag of greens because our garden greens got pummelled in the storm last week and the spinach has gone to seed.

We tried the olive oil on the threads of the cup trick for a better seal and it worked well and cleaned up fine. This morning I had a handful of spinach and baby greens, 1 banana, a slice of fresh pineapple and 3 fresh strawberries. Doesn’t this look pretty?


It blends enough for two but since I’m alone this morning I drank it all!


1) Do not overfill or pack the vegetables and fruit down too much.
2) Put enough water in for blending.
3) Run a finger dipped in olive oil around the threads of the cup to get a good seal with the cutting blade attachment.
4) After blending, immediately remove the cup from the base, and pull straight upward without tipping, move over to the counter, and then flip the cup up to remove the blade attachment when you are away from the machine. It might drip on the counter a bit, but it won’t drip over the motor base.
5) Serve your drink in that Waterford crystal glass that you were saving for “good.” Every day is good, use your crystal.


6) Wash or at least rinse your cup, blade attachment and drinking glass right away so the sticky residue doesn’t dry on your cups and attachments.

The living end.



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2 Comments on “Further Adventures with NutriBullet”

  1. bama Says:

    Another Bullet user! We have been using our Nutri-Bullet daily since mid February. We love it! There are times it has leaked, so I appreciate your olive oil trick. Will have to try that. I love fruits & veggies, but my hubby does not. He loves his smoothie every morning. He says he can’t taste the veggies at all. It is worth the effort to give your body a little extra healthy boost every day. :o)

    • JJ ColourArt Says:

      The olive oil trick works pretty well–just a dab on the finger and rub it around. Also don’t overfill–the first couple of times I used it I was cramming down the vegetable base and putting too much in.

      I switched to juicing without the veg for the summer–using up nice, fresh nectarines.

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