Repurposing Small Books for Dolls

I received a few books when we sold my Dad’s house, and these are the sort of books you buy in card shops to give to people as a little gift with a card on birthdays or Father’s Day.

One of them is entitled Lighthouses and has my favourite lighthouse at Cape Hatteras in it, and comes with a cute ribbon bookmark with a plastic lighthouse charm sewn into the book. Right away I thought this would go nicely with my 18” Maplelea doll Saila. I have bought some fabrics in blues, reds, and white to make nautical outfits for the three dolls I have.



In her story from Maplelea, Saila has two sisters so I had bought a Les Cheries doll and named her Poppy and recently, thanks to some great customer service, I finally got the Hearts for Hearts Tipi doll (renamed Lark) to be the second sister. Poppy is Chinese and Lark is Cambodian, but their Asian look goes well enough with Saila who is Inuit, and back thousands of years the Inuit were thought to have come to North America from Asia via a land bridge which doesn’t exist any more, so it all fits for me.

Here are Poppy, Lark, and Saila contemplating nautical outfits and fabrics which may or may not come to fruition, depending on if Mom gets that dining room table cleared off so she can use the sewing machine.


On of the other little books was entitled Dad and was a Father’s Day gift from my oldest sister for my Dad. Due to the Raggedy Ann posts from Vicki at Hittyville, and the two Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls my Mom gave me in the early 1970s, I thought it might be nice to repurpose this book as a Raggedy Ann book, so I have taken measurements and will do up a new cover in Photoshop and print it on photo paper and recover the book to fit this Raggedy Ann theme.


It has beautiful striped endpapers which would look nice for a children’s book.


Of course, Saila will now need a Raggedy Ann doll and with re-sizing the pattern I can make a pattern in the book Make Cloth Dolls by Terese Cato work. I had this book on an inter-library loan and was so impressed with the techniques and information that I ordered a copy.


These are little rag doll companions to the bigger dolls in her book and she’s done them all different ways. I think they are about 7 to 7.5 inches, but I will try to re-size them down to 6 inches for my purposes.


I have one small book that would be in scale for Poppy and Lark, so eventually I will do up a Raggedy Ann cover for them too and try to sew a teensy doll for each of them.

Eventually. I’m a great one for ideas but it often takes me months to get going. Still, I think it’s good to have a firm plan and goals in mind and this one seems quite engaging.



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2 Comments on “Repurposing Small Books for Dolls”

  1. bama Says:

    Love the books and your sweet dolls! They go well together! My printer is a joke, or I would attempt some small books myself. I love lighthouses too, and nautical things. :o)

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