Repurposing Small Books for Dolls, Minus Magenta Ink

When I did the nozzle check it looked like the blue ink was clogged but after several cleans and print alignment the printer then told me I was low on magenta ink. Blah. I wasn’t able to fully complete this right now but here is the story.

I got my proofs done in draft quality on plain paper. Some minor adjustments and resizing were needed but I kept nudging along and got it rectified. I used descriptive text from the original Raggedy Ann in Cookie Land book, and a couple of small pictures from the book Raggedy Ann’s Wishing Pebble which was the childhood book I owned, since lost to time.


Here is my Photoshop file showing rulers and guide lines. I left a bit of white at each end for wiggle room and I ended up needing it on the right side. For the cover, a bit of the print was missing at the lower left side due to the spine on the original full-size book, so I cut and pasted on layers and did some brushing and erasing to make a whole “cloud.”

[Click to enlarge]


I printed two covers on photo paper before I finally realized it was hopeless and I need to buy ink cartridges. It looks really cute when wrapped around the book as you can see.


Aaaaaagh, printers!

Update: Due to a query in the comments section I am posting some relevant measurements for anyone who wants to buy some of these little books to use with their dolls. As I mentioned, card shops are a good place to find these.

Large (suitable for 18” dolls like Maplelea Girls, American Girl, Gotz)

Length – 3.25 inches; 83 mm
Width – 2.75 inches; 69 mm

Small (suitable for Les Cheries and Hearts for Hearts dolls of 13” to 14”)

Length – 2.5 inches; 58 mm
Width – 1.875 inches; 47 mm


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